The woods and any equipment are sourced from players trading, selling excess sets, Players that are retiring from the game, either through age or physical restriction. Sadly some players pass away and their partners part with different items such as woods etc. Ebay is of course a source for finding any and all types of woods, especially strong for finding a specific make and size of wood. but at a price!

I am constantly trawling the internet to find a bargain that I can pass on to you, the player or potential player. I make a few pounds here and there, sometimes losing money. But I find the buying and selling interesting, it also keeps me occupied and I meet a lot of very nice people. If posting is needed, I use Collect Plus Standard. Two day delivery with Tracking. Cost £10 inc wrapping and tape.

   BOWLS, To Play, To Socialise, To Enjoy.

The game of Bowls is for all ages. Once you have tried it, you will have that feeling that you should have started a long time ago. Start Now!

I had the great pleasure of meeting David Bryant. From the first shake of the hand I liked the man. In the world of bowls, indoor and out, he's been there, done it!

David Bryant is a gentleman, known in the bowls world for wearing his white cap and having a pipe dangling from his mouth which he never actually smoked! David is a three times former World Outdoor Singles Champion, 1966, 1980 and 1988. He is also a former three times World Singles Champion of 1962, 1970 and 1974. He's won the Commomwealth Games Singles Bowls Championship four times. Winning the Middleton Cup on numerous times and was awarded the MBE in 1980.


You can book online with Bryant Tours, who visit many places in the UK and even abroad. He visits MidGlos Indoor Bowls Club every year along with 40-50 bowls players enjoying their own competitions and company.


Have a look at this video I took of David, explaining the cornerstone of bowls upon which to build on. Click on link

                  THE GAME OF BOWLS





    A brief history to where Bowls         came from and how it has changed   through the centuries.


     Just starting          What to do now!

You are just starting bowls, what to do now. A few helpful ideas for the new player or beginner where to seek help and advice.

    Choosing your                 Woods.

 Choosing your woods is not as easy as you think it might be, with all of the different opinions etc, your head might start spinning.

Check out the video, very good.

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