Choose your woods.

Choosing your woods. This is where it can get very technical or very easy! If you listen to everyone around you, all of the different opinions etc, your head will spin. So pick out a few helpful pieces of advice to start with. No need to try and take it all in overnight, it might even put you off the game.


Choosing your wood, well as a fairly new player myself, I have my own opinion, and that is, If a wood feels good in your hand, and you like the look of it, it bowls nicely, Well, That's the wood for you! Forget all the hand size fitting techniques, waste of time. Go with what you feel is the best for you.

After you have played for a few months you will come to know what position you prefer to play in, Lead, 2nd, 3rd or Skipper. Would you prefer to bowl the wider shot or the straighter line? This is something that only you can say. Some skippers might want to put you in as Lead which you don't like, but play the game and learn as much as you can. Make it fun and enjoyable, enjoy the company and make some new friends.

I like the video below, even if it's Australian, he makes a few good points and it might help you a bit. `Check out the videos on the Tutorial link above, it all helps.

A very interesting article in the newspaper about Thomas Taylors factory in Scotland and how woods are made. Click on this link..

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