Just starting, What to do now!


You are just starting bowls, what to do now. Well. where do you live? How many clubs are there in your area, in your county?

The internet is the fastest way to find a club. Don't go rushing into the nearest  one. Ring up or pop in when they are open, watch a game or two, get the feeling of the place, and the people. Then visit another one or two that are not too far from you, then compare how you felt in each one. There is a difference, especially in the joining fees.

Every club is looking for new members, some are in desperate need of some new members to help keep the club going. weigh up all your options and make your decision. There are indoor clubs and outdoor clubs, with most players migrating from one to another, based on it being summer or winter. Some players prefer one or the other, some play both. What ever you decide is fine, is great as long as you follow it through and enjoy the game.

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